Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do items for recycling have to be pre-sorted before drop-off?
A. Easier to identify items that don’t recycle, helps drop off time under the tent run smoothly and reduces the time others have to wait if you have come unsorted.

More Info. The market at this time for the majority of the material we collect is out of state, we need to maximize our shipping and receive the most money we can for the material to offset the cost of shipping. By having a high quality product (a clean well sorted bale) we are able to sell our material for the highest going price.


Q. Why doesn’t VCRS accept every recyclable that has a symbol on it?
A. Finding a market for some recyclable materials often is an issue.

More Info. Some items have symbols for recycling on them but the type of symbol represents a unit of recyclables not as readily used by the public, or by the industry. We have to be able to collect, bale, and store enough of that type of recyclable to fill a 40 – 53 foot trailer van to be shipped to market.

Q. Why don’t you accept lids from #1PETE and #2HDPE plastic bottles?
A. Plastic bottle lids are made from a completely different plastic; their resins are not compatible with #1PETE or #2HDPE.


For more interesting information on what VCRS recycles, and how to identify and sort yours – check out our What and How To Recycle page!