Resources VCRS kept out of the landfill

January 1 to January 31, 2018
Baled Materials –
sent from VCRS directly to a local manufacturer
        12.3 tons*

Baled Materials – shipped stateside on its way to manufacturers
        106.2 tons

ReUse Store – items reused as is here in the Mat-Su

Inventory – bales waiting to ship in full loads
 118.5 tons


1,613.5 tons (includes sold/picked up locally, sold/shipped stateside, reuse and end of year inventory)

Stop in for an informal tour of our classroom, educational displays, lending library and store, and look out the windows to see the materials processing floor and bale storage area.
*Facilitated by our program, each year an additional estimated 360 tons of materials from local waste generators is taken directly to a local manufacturer.

**Items diverted include Gaylord and corrugated cardboard moving boxes, egg cartons, newspaper packs, packing peanuts and bubble wrap (30 gal. bag), rolls of plastic bags, pallets, and other miscellaneous items. A small amount of three types of clean packaging materials was donated to a local non-profit.