Guide for Business


Steps to Setting up Recycling for your Business or Office


  • What supplies are purchased by the business?
  • Review purchase receipts
  • What is thrown away?
  • Review waste removal services and receipts
  • What items are accepted at the VCRS recycling center?


  • How can you “Reduce” & “Reuse” items?
  • What will you recycle?
  • Look at the building floor plan – identify space for containers & storage.
  • Decide on type of recycling bins
  • How will you handle larger items such as corrugated cardboard?
  • Build a team of recycler’s
  • How will recyclables be transported, how often?


  • Enlist employees who may be experienced recyclers to educate your staff
  • Post signs about the recycling program & benefits of recycling
  • Identify recycling bins and label them clearly
  • Check the web and VCRS for recycling information

Practice – Recycle it!

  • Separate recyclables from waste products
  • Place recyclables in clearly marked recycle bins
  • Sort, bundle, remove caps from plastic bottles, etcetera
  • Make recycling a standard office procedure through policy
  • Encourage reducing: Make double-side copies
  • Communicate electronically
  • Resist the urge to print emails
  • Circulate and post memorandums
  • Purchase wisely: Encourage purchase of products containing recycled materials.
  • Buy in bulk when you can


  • Take recyclables to your community recycling center
  • Conserve fuel – haul recyclables only when containers are full or combine with other trips
  • Seek other small businesses to combine recycling efforts

See also Recycling Guide for the Home.