VCRS has TWO LANES to drive thru and drop off recyclables. Drop doors are located along one side of the building and serve both lanes. Organize your recyclables prior to your arrival to help keep the drop off traffic flowing smoothly.

  • ORGANIZE your items by category BEFORE driving over to drop off at the recycle center. 
  • VCRS has 5 paper, 3 metal and 4 plastic categories (see recycling guidelines below).
  • Make sure what you bring is CLEAN, EMPTY and kept DRY. What you drop off is reused by manufacturers to be made into something new.
  • If you have any questions, please ask staff in the drive thru or give the office a call at 745-5544.
  • Thank you for your efforts and thank you for recycling.

CLICK on “Expand All” to see and scroll through every category, or click on Plastics, Metal, Paper or Reuse Group and then click on individual categories.

HOUSEHOLD FLYER to print and refer to — shows paper, metal and plastic categories and what is accepted in each category.

2-sided 2-up household flyer (one for you and one to share with a friend):
Select “Print on both sides of paper”
Select “Flip on the short edge”
Select “Landscape” orientation

2sided2up Household Recycling Flyer April 2016
2sided2up Household Recycling Flyer April 2016
17.5 MiB

2-sided 1-up 8.5″ x 11″ household flyer
Select “Print on both sides of paper”
Select “Flip on the long edge”
Select “Portrait” orientation

2sided 8.5X11 VCRS Household Flyer April 2016
2sided 8.5X11 VCRS Household Flyer April 2016
10.3 MiB